Macomb County Garage Door Repair

  • Broken Panels
  • Broken Springs
  • Off Track
  • Upgrade to a new door
  • Automatic Openers

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You know something is wrong when you press the remote and the garage door does not budge. Usually, this is a quick fix. Replace the remote batteries and you will be good to go.  If things still do not work, you need to give us a call. Your transmitter could be on the brink of breaking down.

Then there are times where you notice that your door is not closing properly. Either it seems misaligned with the track and is not closing securely or it is not closing at all. With automatic garage doors, this can pose a safety issue. You may get the door to work occasionally, but it only takes that one time for it to close unexpectedly on your car.

Whether it’s a broken spring, crooked door, unraveled cable or unresponsive garage door opener, losing your primary entry point can be inconvenient, but leaving a wide-open gap in the exterior of your home can be downright unsettling. In most cases, time is of the essence when contacting a garage door repair specialist to take care of the issues at hand.

How to Handle Off Track Issues

When a garage door goes off track, a very dangerous situation is created. Trying to tackle the issue alone or without skilled professional help can be very dangerous, running the risk of causing more harm than good.

The most common cases are usually because someone ran into the door with their car. We’ve all been in the situation when we’re tired or in a hurry and missed a step in the rush to get moving. Sometimes the door hasn’t opened completely, other times the car may be in the driveway and we’ve put the car in reverse instead of drive (or drive instead of reverse).  Either way, this can spell catastrophe if you start moving too fast to react when you hear the tell-tale crash.

There are other situations that can occur where human error takes less or no part in the problem at all.  These include:

  •        A cable has snapped.
  •        One or more of the rollers have worn out.
  •        The horizontal tracks have bent or buckled under the weight of the door.
  •        The tracks are misaligned.

No matter how it happens, though, your safety comes first.  Make sure you call a trained professional to handle the issue for you.